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In today’s world, Buddhism and Yogic philosophy are widely misunderstood.

An example is what typically happens when people first encounter Buddhism. What they hear is that the Buddha taught that

“life is suffering”

The only problem is that … the Buddha never said that. What the Buddha actually said was that samsara (phenomenal existence) is dukkha (deeply unsatisfactory).

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The word dharma comes from eastern philosophy and has many meanings, including:

  1. The unique path you are on this planet for and must fulfil in your life to be on purpose and reach your potential
  2. The underlying truths about the nature of existence as revealed in meditation and spiritual inquiry, and as described in traditions such as  Yoga, Buddhism, and Jainism
  3. The specific duties and responsibilities you have to society, according to Hinduism

Dharma is a concept that comes from the philosophies of Yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism. These philosophies embrace the idea of dharma – that there is a fundamental truth about reality, and this this truth can be revealed through meditation and other practices.

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